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Which is the best Functional and Performance Automation Tool (Open source)?

In my company, they are planing to implement automation testing. They asked to to get information for best open source functional and performance tools.

My application contains JAVA with Flash 

can any one suggest me, best tools.

Thanks in advance.

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In my point of view OPEN STA(OPEN SOURCE) is best for performance testing.........
OPEN STA for performance testing and Test Complete for Functional
Hitesh shah
I would prefer Selenium and Jmeter.
Both are awesome tools..
Is selenium support Flash objects?
Yes it supports .for this you should have the different jar on your project
Thanks Varshan
Did you get the proper answer for your question.
Selenium is d best open source tool for Functional Testing & also it supports Flash too, Support for the tool is good. But heard abt JMETER its good for Performance Testing. Once again Sure abt Selenium its good.


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