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which Document should be fallow in Agile(Related to testing)?

 can anyone explain 

which Document should be fallow  in Agile(Related to testing)?

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Related to testing in Agile process, Majorly we use User Stories (Some companies will also call as Story Cards) for testing which consiting of CoA (Confirmance of Acceptance like test cases which will be prepared during grooming sessions)

And coming to QA role in Agile testing, hmmmm i can say as a QA we perform Exploratory testing and not specific to any test method.

Google is your Best Friend.

yes I agree with you sir....Goole is our best friend.I searched ..... but yet not got any sweet and short discreption.

can you explian which document  you fallowed during testing?

search for Scrum on Google

In Agile we use only one document tat s User Stories.. the requirements wil be in the form of stories which we call user stories.. we have to understand the user stories and find out the scenarios...

Don get confused with user stories..it is similar to the SRS...the name is different thats all...also some times the format also differs....

Yes I know  about stories ,we use Pivotal tracker  tool .....

wat tool is tat...test management tool?

Pivotat Tracker is Agile project management tool,Here we add stories,assign work,Assign defects to developers..........

We use Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, which allows you to maintain all the needs for Agile. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Check the attached ppt, which explains the use of MS TFS for Agile. The document is not our companies, it was the one which I got over internet.



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