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Which one automation tool is utilized to test chat applications and systems?

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Qualitia - Scriptless Test Automation Tool can be utilized to test chat applications and systems.

Irrespective of platform Qualitia supports automated testing if its web based, mobile and standalone.


Hi buddy,

If you are looking for “the automation testing tool which gives you the best bug-free result” kind of a thing that would be QTP by HP this tool is a bit expensive but it will provide you the best support in automation tool genre.

One can automate system applications (Windows/Linux) with GUI or no GUI or web-based application automation too.

It gives support with java as default but one can also work in C#, Python etc.

Hope it will help you out :)



 Ranorex tool is a good tool for tests automation for every version of Android.

The advantage of Ranorex tool is its detailed reports with screenshots.


If you are looking for a list of best automation testing tool then your search ends here...

Please Visit here: Automation Testing Tool


As we are in the world of automation so for us automation everywhere. As a software tester, I notice that Automation testing minimizes our work by giving us so many easy to handle tools of software testing…

Today I would love to list out here some of the top web automation testings tools…

1. Selenium

2. TestingWhiz

3. HPE Unified Functional Testing (HP – UFT formerly QTP)

4. TestComplete

5. Ranorex

If you ask me, Which one is my favorite automation testing tool than I would suggest you Selenium automation testing tool…To test your any kinds of test automation needs…

Why Selenium Tool?

1- Open Source Automation Tool

2- You can perform web automation testing across various browsers and platforms

3-Multipal Set of languages to use

4-Easy To handle

5-You can write tests without learning Selenium IDE.

Most of the top Web Automation Testing Company in the USA, Like Testrig Technologies, Refer above-listed tools to automate their testing process

There are many automation tools available for chatbot testing webdriverIO is really a great automation framework that supports testing the chat based applications using it's inbuilt feature like multiremote using which user can run multiple automated sessions in a single test which is perfect for testing the chat or messaging applications.

MultiRemote is not designed to run all your tests in parallel. It is intended to help coordinate multiple browsers or mobile devices for specialized integration tests (for example, chat applications).

You can read more about this webdriverIO on their official documentation. 


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