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Hi Frnz..


When you start Automation ?

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Hi frnd,

Exactly there is marked point to start automation for any application. Its you wish, you can start automation testing from starting stage of the project (I mean whenever the project starts along with manual testing).

But it is not suggestible idea frnd, because In the starting stage of any application it is not stable (Requirements may change frequently), automating an application is time taking process. For a unstable application why don't we waste lot of time. So it is suggestible to start automation testing on any stable application.

Automation comes into picture , only when the application is Stable !!!!!!!!

I agree

to do the regression test after application is stable

wondering!!! when we can say that an application is stable. For a stable application why we need testing? I hope you all get my question.

Its all up to the application functioning and customer's confirmation to start.

From my experience the best is not to start the automation at the early stages. Instead wait for one level of manual test cycle and confirm the list of functionality that has least possibility for changes.

One more better strategy to start with automation is having the smoke test cases automated first then with the sanity and then finally with the regression test cases consolidated after a manual test cycle.

Hope you get me.



actually automation is done mainly for regression test, as if application is not stable means not developed fully, functions,objects and variables keeps on changing. And everytime to make the changes in automation script is very costly.

Automation is done mainly for regression is general concept. But even in the case of application that is expected to have large number of changes (in your term - not stable) we can automate the smoke and sanity test cases even before we identify the regression test cases.

Regards, KP.

I agree

When application comes intho the Stable state, then we will go for Automation Testing.

Automation testing is not a replacement of Manual Testing, Its just continues.

So can you please tell me Suppose today is 7th May 2012 starting date of project and after 2 months suppose we have 9 builds. So can you tell me after how many builds we can consider to automate the application.


We should start to test application once a module has been tested completely and second module is over too and we are integrating both. So then we should start doing Automation.

Automation will be start as parallel of manual testing. Respective automation ex poser only start to execute test automation....


When you start Automation in Agile ?


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