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Any one tell me when would we perform regression testing?

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Hi Meenakshi,

When the Test team report the Bug to the development team, After the Development team fixes it and then sends back to the Test team. Test team will test whether the Particular bug is fixed or not. That is called Retesting.

After the Retesting is done, We test the whole application once again to check whether any other functionality is effected with that fix. Regression testing is also done when there is a change in the Testing Environment...

Ex: If there are 100 test cases and 91st test case is failed, for reesting we will test only 91st test case where as for regression testing we do from Test case 1

Gowtham good answer.
Thanks Gowtham,

You are right on Target.:-)

Bulls Eye!!!

Thanks Kiran and Yatish.....

Hi Meena,

Regression testing is the re-execution of some subset of tests that have already been conducted to ensure that changes have not propagated unintended side affects.
It may be conducted manually, by re-executing a subset of all test cases or using automated capture/playback tools.

The Regression test suit contains three different classes of test cases:
*A representative sample of tests that will exercise all software functions.
**Additional tests that focus on software functions that are likely to be affected by the change.
***Tests that focus on the software components that have been changed.

Hi Meenakshi,

Regression Testing shall be carried out under the following circumstances, which are listed as follows...

Case 1:

When there has been change in existing requirements

Case 2:

When there is chance of issues re-surfacing after re-testing

Case 3:

When the system undergoes more than 2-4 releases ( ensure 0 latent issues).

Case 4:

When new requirements are incorporated ( to avoid negative Impact)

Case 5:

When there is a sudden drop in defect density.

Case 6:

When there is a change in Test/Dev environment

Hi Siddiq,

Good and Detailed Explanation...thanks


Hello buddy,

Regression testing software is a software series that is intended to correct isolate problems that have arisen with software on the hard drive that was working accurate, yet suddenly developed a difficulty.

Basically, the software works its magic by taking a look at diagnostics and backups from earlier periods when the issue was not present, then compares the data to that of a present diagnostic.

This simple process can usually supply valuable clues about what has changed and built the operational problem.

The value of Regression Testing services is that it can recognize issues with a number of different origins. For example, the software may be capable to pick up on a local reason for the issue, such as some new virus or errors being introduced to the hard drive and becoming embedded in one or more of the files used to drive a program.



Hey Meenakshi,

Regression testing is usually performed while providing qa testing services after verification of newly implemented feature, changes or new functionality. 

Top software testing companies usually execute regression tests in the following cases:
1. Whenever there is new functionality added to the application
2. Whenever there is a change in existing Requirement
3. Whenever there is a Defect Fix
4. When there is an Environment change

Regression testing is generally tedious and time-consuming. So, the best practice to execute them is to automate test cases instead of running them manually every time. In case there are thousands of test cases, it’s better to create automation test scripts for the test cases which is to be executed on every build.


First of all, we need to understand what is Regression Testing. It is an activity performed to ensure the different functionalities of the system are still working as expected and the new functionalities added did not break any of the existing ones.

Secondly, you generally write automated tests or do manual testing to perform the above mentioned testing. Regression testing can be performed in various phases of the SDLC, it all depends on the context. I have done it after end of the sprints, before a release, also have had daily regression tests running on a daily basis.

Hopefully this gives an idea on when to do regression testing.


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