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what do you know about Decision table testing..


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Decision Table Testing is a good way to deal with a combination of inputs, which produce different results. It helps reduce test effort in verifying each and every combinations of test data, at the same time ensuring complete coverage.

Refer: http://www.qualitytesting.info/group/cause-effect

Decision Table Testing is a decent approach to manage a blend of inputs, which produce distinctive results. It decreases test exertion in confirming every last blends of test data, in the meantime guaranteeing complete scope coverage.

Decision tables are particularly useful in test design technique – it helps testers to look the impacts of mixes of various inputs and other software states that must accurately execute business rules. Likewise, gives a consistent method for expressing complex business standards, that is useful for developers and for testers.

As per best practice from software testing services,

Decision Software testing is testing technique in which a tester tests the system behavior by adding different input combinations. It’s also known as Cause Effect table because in this different input combinations and their corresponding result is captured in a tabular form.


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