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When ever new version of a module is deployed in production it is not reflecting when user access that module.It is reflecting only when user deletes browser cookies.

Can any one help me, How to test this scenario?

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Need  help....

This is because the developer has set variables in code for cookies,

for how much time the cookies will remember your data.

That''s why you need to delete cookies each time after deploying new module.



Thanks   Ajay,

But , my business is : No matter how many times you deployed the new build with new features in production. every time newly deployed features should visible to user. With out clearing / deleting the cookies.

For this kind of business, How can i test this?

Being a tester you cant do anything,

Developer have to change variables in the code.

Then only it will work.



k...  Thank you..  I  understood  now!

How about restarting the IIS ? will it reset the cookies values?


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