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what to do if a developer doesnt agree when a bug is posted?

What should be done when a tester post a bug,but developer inturn says "that's not a bug and show us before logging it"

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Write deeply all scenarios and if possible then capture video for that scenario

Thanks for the reply

To avoid such debates, capture all screenshots that would reproduce the bug.

Thanks for the reply

Hi Neela,

Humm ... Well, the question has actually been discussed several times so probably you can search for the same.

what should be the next course of action of a Test Engineer in the above situation are as follows,

1) When a Developer says that the defect is "Invalid/Not an Issue", ask for the Proper Justification that too in written and If the Justification convinces you there should be no harm is closing the issue but Re-verify first.

2) If the Justification given to you is inappropriate/Improper, let the defect be in Open state and re-verify your steps to replicate and the proofs attached ( Screen-shot, Videos etc).  and once your are able to reproduce the defect. Try convincing your counterpart If possible ( If the defects are in less numbers ) try reproducing the defect in front of the Concerned Developer ( Not the Ideal situation. It happens in unorganized Engineering process only) 

3) Have all the communication through the System only. ( In written form ). If you decide to Close your issue after having any verbal communication with any stakeholder, Do mention in the comment section His/Her name and probably the reason of closing the issue. ( Keep yourself at safe side ).

4) If you decide to Reproduce the defect in front of the Developer , do not do it more than once. instead let your Seniors/Leads pitch in.

5) If the defect is because of poor requirement, Put the defect on Hold.. get the clarification from the BAs, SMEs etc and after having concrete data, proceed ahead.

These are some of the steps which you should follow.

Note : At no point of time a test engineer should show the defect to developers before logging any defect. Even if you find something suspicious that can also be reported as defect with low in Priority.

Hope it will help you. However, the situation you have stated is not the ideal situation. If the Organization has organized engineering process there is always a Defect Review Committee to review the defects. Even in some organizations BAs has this responsibility... At times even SME or the Product Owners are also responsible for the same.


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive 


thanks a lot samrat for giving detailed explanation..

Nice and clear explanation... 'Justification' is the matter from concern Tester who has raised the bug or developer who has rejected the bug....

Ask him to prove the defect as invalid and compare your proofs against. It's clear whether it's valid defect or not.

Thanks for the reply

1] Before apply case capture screenshots
2] Write down all steps
3] bug posted with screenshots

In above steps developer can flow and check bug show or not before bugs fixed.

For every bug we raised keep a screenshot for that, it is useful when we reviewing Defects and ask developer to prove it was not a bug and functionality working as per Spec


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