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What the max. no. of actions can support in a test in QTP 11.


I want to ask "What the max. no. of actions, a test  can support  in QTP 11?"

I have read somewhere this:

Upto QTP 8.5 ,max. no. of actions =255 (Due to some limitation of excel sheet.....)

QTP's latest version ex. 10 or 11 can support max. no. of actions =120 (Reason:I dont know)


But I have practically done this and create 255 actions in single test  with each having its local datatable in QTP 10.0


So please tell me what the max. no. of actions ,a test can support in QTP 10/QTP 11.0?

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In QTP 11 More than 255 actions can be used but every action can create their own local sheet. And only 255+1 sheet can be saved in QTP. We can create more than 255 but for better we can work only up to 255 actions. 

Hi Pradeep,
You can add How many actions you want,but the thing is Only 255 actions should have Datatables.

Suresh ch

it is 255 only...

why because...

   Each action should contain one action sheet in data table....but the data table can have only 256 sheets..one is already assigned as Global..so remaining will be 255. we
can not create an action without local sheet.

       Before QTP 10 we cant create more than 255 actions but in QTP 10 and 11 no limit for actions, but no sheets in datatable for the rest after 255 action


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