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What sort of things would you put down in a bug report?

What and all we will add, while reporting a bug?

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Hi Shwetha,

In Bug report we will add

1) Bugid
2) Bug Name( In which module or Page)
3) Bug Description
4) Bug Type( Type of Bug like Functionality, Usability....)
5) Bug Priority( How Important the bug is0
6) Bug Seveority( How much effect on the application)
7) Bug status(new, Reopen, Closed...)
8)Assigned to
9) Resolved By
10) Resolved date
11) Developers Comments
12) Testers Comments

Just a couple more things may be useful for Developers such as: Replication Steps, Reproducible or not?, any specific screenshots, log details (it matters when you are testing trading apps), test data...
1) Component/s:
2) Affects Version/s:
3) Fix Version/s
4) Time Tracking:
5) File Attachments:
6) Image Attachments:
7) Environment:
8) Your Browser Type:
9) Problem Site URL:
10) Date and time problem experienced:
11) Problem description:
12) Any content Identification (slug name, search keyword etc):
13) Comments
14) Resolution
Hi All,

Here's my reply:-

1. BUG ID - This is automatically generated by Defect Tracking tool.
2. Summary ( Headline)
3. Choose appropriate Priority & Severity (Depending on Tool you are using)
4. Description
5. Steps to reproduce
6. Actual Result/Current Behaviour
7. Expected Result
8. Assigned To
9. Attachments (If Any) - avi. screenshot, any log file, Test Data Used.
10. Environment
11. Affect Version (Build Number)


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