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What should be the status of bug, when you are performing regression testing?

What should be the status of bug, when you are performing regression testing? Can any one answer this question.

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Hi Madhumitha,

The status of the Bug should be "Fixed" which developers keep as they are confident that the bug was fixed

Hi Madhumitha,

It doesn't matter what is the status of the bug.

it could be anything!

@ Gowtham, why can't be in CLOSED state??? can't you re-open a closed defect???


Depends on different situations..there will be Fixed, closed or reopen will be there Regression testing may be done even after a bug is fixed, any updations done to the project.. depending on the situations the status will be

It is depends on your company policies.

You should define it because we (Testers) can not use any status for any issue. It is used for trace issue progress.so it must be accurate.

Let me tell you about our working system.
While any issue is fixed by developer then it will be marked with fixed , if any issue reject with any issue then issue will marked with Rejected with respective reason.

Fixed issue (by developer) will be verified by me (Tester who raised it).& marked it with Verified.

Let me know any query or doubt.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishal shah
I agree with Abu ans coz while doing regression testing a closed issue may be chance for error so tester should Re-open tht bug...

Madhumitha why you raised this question any reason ? Thanks!
For Regression testing, the status of bug/defect should be definitely 'Fixed'
Yes it should be FIXED
Kaustubh and Kiran ,

Any rules is there while we are doing regression testing bug should be in 'Fixed Status' ? Thanks!
The status will depend on the situation before regression testing status set by developer that is Fixed , if tester find bug during regression than he/she change it Reopen, if no bug it will Closed.
although answer to this varies company by company ideally bug status in regression testing should not be fixed it should be "in qa testing"............-> this is in case Bugzilla bug tracking & management system....

in case of JIRA it doesnt have any bucket called as "in qa testing", I suppose.... so it remains in fixed state(but tester needs to incorporate comments that in qa testing if doing regression or whatever kind of testing), but can be reopened if you caught bugs .......

You can see the should be fixed.
the status depends on the situations

1.If u r regressing a bug in the same build then the status of the bug will be in Closed status.(here tester can reopen the bug by proper reason)

2.If u r verifying a bug in new build then status will be Fixed during this if the bug is still exist then tester can reopen the bug.


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