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What should be the status in Testcase after the bug Closed?

Dear All,

         After the bug closed do we change the status as "Pass" in the testcase? My PM is telling that in testcase we should not change the status as "Pass" in case of closed bug. Please guide me in this. Thanks in advance.


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so might be you are not good observer here. I write developers (at any stage) and also mentioned any stage refers to BA or Designer or Coder to develop SRS/Design or coding.


If BA prepares and review own documents and found defects/bugs then how can coder codes???




 If you talk about my observation than I can find a defect in your first sentence ... "Defect is just synonyms of problems found by Tester (at any stage*) and yet not verified and accepted by developer(at any stage*)"   Who says that defect is always found by a tester..?


anyway .. You are forgetting the main motto ... you were telling me the difference between bugs and defects ....? 


If BA prepares and review own documents and found defects/bugs then how can coder codes???   this sentence of your's where you have written defects/bugs ... it indicates that they are same ...  hence you are contradicting to your own sentence ...  You were telling me the difference between them .....    in my view they are same given different names by different organizations .........


For every execution we version up  the test log document and accordingly we make the changes in test case status. In previous execution if the test case is fail, so we will make the status as a fail. In next execution the bug has been fixed  then we will make the status as a pass.this is how we keep the track and maintain the history of test case execution.


- S Sarita.

Testing is done on the ST (system Testing) basis like ST1, ST2.. again its depent on organization.
1. Supppose if any defect found on ST1 so status will be fail for ...ST1
2. Release come again (ST2) and same defect not found then we make that TC to "PASS' status

we can not update TC (Fail) to Pass on same round (ST1 failed TC will be updatd only on ST2)


Thanks for all for the valuable replies...


With Regards,


Hi Anandhakumar,

Test execution cycle and Bug verification phase are different.

Ideally, you won't go and mark the test case as Pass after closing the bug. You would mark the test case as Pass only if you find the test case to work ok during a specific test run. As Samrat Jha has commented, there would be cases where you would close the bugs without fixing them. And for such bugs, the respective test cases would have been marked still as Fail in the test execution results sheet.

Test execution cycle:

You would mark the test case as Fail and mark the defect no against that particular test case in the test execution results sheet of the particular test cycle. The test execution results sheet will have the build details in which the test cycle is run. The defect will have the "Found in build" details.

And when the particular test case is run again in another test cycle (after the previous bugs are fixed) and if the particular defect is found fixed, you would mark the test case as Pass.

Bug verification phase:

After having the bugs fixed, while doing bug verification task, if they are found fixed, you would go and close the bugs marking them with the "Fixed in build" details.

Hope this is more clear.



 @ Annamalaisami,

   Of course its more clear Sir........ You are welcome .. We need people like you ...!

@ Samrat Jha,

Sure.. I will...

A request.. Please address me as Anna or Annamalai or Annamalaisami as you wish but not as Sir..





 Sure ... then I would go With Anna... !

Sir, thanks for your brief explanation..


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