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What should be the status in Testcase after the bug Closed?

Dear All,

         After the bug closed do we change the status as "Pass" in the testcase? My PM is telling that in testcase we should not change the status as "Pass" in case of closed bug. Please guide me in this. Thanks in advance.


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we will not update the testcase status as pass.Once all the steps in testcase will be executed successfully the corresponding testcase in Test lab will be changed to Passed. Depending upon the testcase run,the status will be No Run,Not completed,Failed or Passed

Hi..I think.you should make a column based on every Milestone and mark the status as Pass for that release..




See.. test cases are executed in cycles.


Suppose you got bug followed by reporting and resolving from developers, it means that test case had a bug in cycle one. So make it clearly fail in column of cycle one.


suppose when next cycle on modified build will be executed then, absolutely you can tag PASS in cycle 2 column for same test case.

 It depends ...   A bug has been closed it doesn't mean that it has been fixed ... We may close bugs without even fixing the same ..( It has some reasons associated to it )..  So in that case when your team decided to close the bug without fixing it.. We will not change the Status of the test case ... 
But If a test case fails ---> You report bugs ---> After fixes you will re-execute your test case and if this time around your ER is equal to AR then you will make changes in the Status and the test case which  failed in previous test run will now have status as "Pass" ...  and corresponding bug will be closed ... 
Where is the Confusion...??    Note:- When a Person gets a designation just because of his luck ... He is not always right ... but believe me I have not written it about your PM ... ah aha aaaaaaaa.........
I agree with Samrat, if a test case failed and its corresponding bug is fixed and verified and not reproducible it can be marked as "Pass" for that execution cycle.

Thanks Samrat.



 Welcome Akhilesh...

You are correct Samrat. But designation is having power. So it is making us also stupid. Any how thanks...

again, if you are using term BUG, then ofcourse it's approved from developer team to ensure defect is still in system.


So if your are using Defect then it's ok to aggree with Samrat's notes, and If BUG then it must be resolved ot make them pass in next cycle.


 What do you mean to say by term Bug or Defect ...?  are they different ..? if yes make me understand the difference ...............

see samrat,

Defect is just synonyms of problems found by Tester (at any stage*) and yet not verified and accepted by developer(at any stage*)


where as Bug is fully reviewed and accepted as it is defect, by developers(at any stage*).

*I write any stage, it means developer could be any one either Business Analyst or designer or coder.


And also, it is not compulsory as if product was released then all found defects had been resolved. As delivery or release could be depended whether product is stage as per customer usage level, or all major issues have been resolved or defect was found for extreme level exceptional cases.


 I Completely disagree ... !  What I could get from your reply  : A defect is a defect until it is approved by developers .. after approval it becomes Bug..  at least your reply is indicating that .....


But We find around 50% of the defects/bugs in system and our development team is still to write first line of code...!  


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