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What NEED to follow to lessen the Defect slippage to production

Hi Guys,


Could anyone tell What NEED to follow to lessen the Defect slippage to production?

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slip age is the extra time taken to test d project
 slip age=actual time to complete the project-expected time given in testplan document. 

differece between any actual result - expected results



  Being a tester you should verify then validate ... but yaha to...............

what is mean of this sentence


 Abid  the question is ..  What should be done to reduce the defects in the system so that the Customer will not find bugs in bulk...

Efficient Process,

Static Testing in place,

Quality Centrism approach (un fortunately it's delivery centrism),

Accurate Planning, Strategy and implementation,

Impact, Escape analysis... many more things...

There are a whole bunch of pre-requisite conditions that need to be met successfully to see a fewer percentage of production related defects. Siddiq has touched on a few and there are many more that makes this list never-ending. Is there a specific answer you are looking for based on your recent experience?
Thanks to all who clarified my queries....Yeah I am expecting the same.....


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