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What kind of testing you do when you have an exploratory session?

Usually, when a tester starts his testing session, he begins to with a specific target in mind. He begins with identifying the test case and ends with eliminating the bugs and the defects found. This is not the case when the tester is going for an exploratory session.

For these exploratory sessions, the testers usually conduct an exploratory testing which is a form of black-box testing.

The exploratory testing technique is all about detection, examination and education. It emphasizes chiefly on the individual freedom and accountability of every individual tester. Test cases are not planned or created in before the qa testing but the testers check system on the random basis. The test cases are not pre-defined but are defined during testing. It is about the improvement of test design. It is like an investigation of a system or an application. it typically uses session-based test cases.

A few tips to remember during the deployment of exploratory testing techniques:

  • Research of test scenarios ratifies the software stability.
  • Systematic testing of the software based on the recognized needs.
  • Figure out the requests as well as the functionality of the software application.
  • Figure out the restrictions of the software application.
  • Classify the extent of the project.


  • It doesn’t need groundwork for testing as testers don’t have the required documents for testing.
  • In this type of testing a lot of time is saved due to all tasks being done simultaneously like Testing, Designing test scenarios and then executing those test scenarios.
  • Tester can report many issues due to incomplete requirement or missing requirement document.

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Hello buddy,

I completely agree with you that For these exploratory sessions, the testers usually conduct an exploratory testing because Exploratory testing is a meticulous investigative practice.

It is test design and test execution at the same time. This is different from other test cases, they are not pre-defined and are not carried out as per any plan.

It might be confused with ad-hoc testing as well, which is an improvised form of bug detection.

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