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What is Web Server Testing? How we will do Web Server Testing?



Pls.. explain what is web server testing and how we will do web server testing in companies?

Is it necessary to do web server testing? 


Thanks in advance



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Pls.. give me the answer.It's urgent

What is your exact scenario and context?

plz be more clear Mythreyi, r u checking for PORTS listening or about Diff.combination of Webserver Installations etc...



When i am attending interviews, they are asked me this question.

I am a manual test engineer till now i didn't test web servers. That's why i post this question.

Pls..give me answer. 

Before asking the question of what is web server testing, you should know answers for all the questions that are avilable below(google them and write them some where):


1. What is a Web Server?

2. Why do we use a Web Server?

3. How can we use a Web Server? to fulfil the requirement....


If you combine all the answers for the above three questions, you will know what need to be done to test a Webserver or an Application with a WebServer.....

Hello Mythreyi,
Web Servers are basically used to Host Websites and they can also be used for data storage . on a Web Server we basically perform Non-functional testing . for example :-- Load , Stress , Performance and if we Test for data storage that means we would do Volume testing.. etc... So Web Servers are usually tested with Automation tools... Manually they can't be tested.. The most common behaviour of a Web Server is to Accept requests from Web clients ( Browsers ) and processing the requests and give the Response back.. so most of the times Load , Performance and Stress is tested....

Hope it will help You...

@ Susheel :-- Redirecting some one to Google is not a Solution . Everyone knows that they can Google everything.. but they come here to ask a question so that they can have something different..
Good reply samrat.....everyone knows how to use google.. the thing we want to discuss is to learn something different ..from their experience......but most of the people were critizising ...by (do u know how to use google)..this is the bad answer...please avoid using this sentence.



I am not smart as you are may be.,

As how we cannot lay 'n' number of floors, though you answer her question that will be like greek and latin to her. May be if google is word which concernd you guys, remember that today's world (IT/Non IT) persisting their profession only through it. I bet that for 90% of answers published in this social sites reference is none other than GOOGLE.....




Thank you. I know i have to search through google. I have basic idea but i need more info on real time point of view, that's why i posted the questions some experts will give good explanation/ answers that will useful for me. 


When we have any doubts first step we are doing is "Searching In Google". If you answers post it, it will help for some one, else leave it. 



Thank You Samrat, Now i am very clear with Web Server Testing.


You are welcome..!!


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