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What is way of writing test cases for database testing?

Hi Friends,

What is way of writing test cases for database testing? Can any one tell me the answer in detail...

Thanks in advance

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My answer as follows:

To write test case for database its just like functional testing

1.Objective:Write the objective that you would like to test. e.g. To check the shipment that is loaded thru xml is getting inserted for particular customer.

2.Write the method of input or action that you do. e.g. Load an xml with all data which can be added to a customer.

3.Expected :Input should be viewed in database. e.g. The shipment should be loaded successfully for that customer, also it should be seen in application.4.You can write such type of test cases for any functionality like update, delete etc.


We can write Test cases in functionality wise. i think for database testing also we can write same. I agree with Madhuri ans. there is any new thinks for write test case for DB testing ?


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