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What is way of writing testcases for database testing?

hi friends,


 can u please share your experience in writing testcase for database testing. I have no prior experience in working with database project in doing backend testing.


Kindly request you to share any test case sample if any.


Thanks in advance !

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From my point of view - there's a lack of information?
What do you wonna test? Performance? Consistency? Correctness of db? Systems connected to the db? ...?

You should read the requirements & specifications and design testcases out of it!?
Maybe you can give us more information?
what i get from your question is that you want to test DB from what you insert in the application from UI.

so the test cases scenario can be like for ex. say you are inserting some value 'a' from UI then in db table that value should get updated. This is one of the scenarios. Multiple can be created.

Secondly if you run any procedure on db tables then those tables should get populated with required details. this is another scenarios which can be cut down into multiple test cases....
rest other test scenarios creation and test case prep i left for you for better understanding!
Hi Peter and Shirish,

Thanks for the response..!
Application which am going to test doesnt have any UI. It is purely Backend testing , in which there was some set of rules provided for us say for eg : Rule 1 -->The workspace shouldnt allow public access.

kindly provide ur gudiance in preparing test case for the same also it would be more helpful if u could share the testcase


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