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What is UML and how to use it for testing? Any one reply to my question

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Hi Malini,

The UML is a visual modeling language that can be used to specify, visualize, construct, and document the
artifacts of a software system.

In following Testing Phases we can use UML

UNIT TESTING: we use Class & State Diagram which covers correctness,error handling pre / postconditions, invariants

FUNCTIONAL TESTING : we use interaction and class diagrams.Which covers functional and API behavior,integration issues.

SYSTEM TESTING : use case,activity, and interactiondiagrams. Which covers workload,contention,synchronization &

REGRESSION TESTING: we use interaction and class diagrams.Which covers Unexpected behavior from new /changed function.

Also for deployment use case and deployment diagrams are used.


I hope in this PDF file you for your question, have a look. check the below link for view the PDF file.Thanks !

Hi Malini,

UML is used to design the software not used for testing.

UML diagrams are referred by QA to understand the project in a better way!

Scope of testing w.r.t UML is limited as Designers/BA/SA design the design and there in Tester use the outcome i.e. HLD/LLD specifications.

I agree in some cases even QA are suppose to use UML, which means QA is serving the job of Analysts.

What ever Gowtham and Shakti gave is write.


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