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Hi Testers,


Will you testers please answer me 1 question in detail what is UI Testing? Actually i have got a mail for the position of UI Testing and i am confused. So please provide me details and supporting doc regarding this.


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Hi Snehasish,

UI stands for the "User Interface" testing. Where the testers will test for the user interfaces like testing weather that screens in that bulid is easily understandable to the user or not,test for the color of the font,size of the font,alert messages, tool tips..........totally testing for the user understandable or not.


GUI Testing is nothing but testing the design of the application.

Verifying the User interface of the application means how the front end design, colors,  fonts, font sizes, Labels, Text format, Text boxes, Captions, Radio Buttons, buttons, list boxes, Alignments, icons, links, popup, content, tabbing is provided to move between the objects, background, foreground etc  are displayed as specified.
GUI testing is functional testing - ensuring that all interactions, navigation, links, pop-ups, content, etc all work as required.

Here we can see look and feel of the application.







  Pl look up these websites.


Best of Luck!




Dr Ananthakrishnan




UI Testing: user Interface(UI)testing is validating the user friendliness of the application in terms of fonts,logos,colors..etc...
Ya i know UI stands for the "User Interface" testing. But what type of questions generally asked for this post?? Please rply

UI Testing is the most important factor of Software Testing Services. In which software testers Test or check the graphical user interface of the application software to ensure the application functionality works as per the specifications or not. There are various components consider by the UI/UX Tester during Usability Testing Services such as buttons, icons, checkboxes, color, menu, windows, etc.

There are various tools used by top Software and QA Testing Companies while working on Usability Testing Services such as;

  • RAPISE by Inflectra
  • TestComplete
  • Abbot Java GUI Test Framework
  • AutoIt UI testing
  • CubicTest
  • eggPlant UI Automation Testing
  • FitNesse
  • Ascentialtest
  • iMacros
  • Ranorex Studio

As per best practice from software qa company,

UI Testing is also known as GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing. In UI testing a tester check graphical user interface of the software Like Menu, Buttons, Icons, Labels, Fonts, Logos, color etc. In this tester ensures that all UI elements on a page is displaying correctly in all screen resolutions. Also, In PDA devices a tester checks the UI elements in Portrait and Landscape modes.


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