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What is the status of the bug in bugzilla, if the requirement changed in the middle?

Today, I and my developer fight with each other due to the bug status.

Developer developed one feature and I constitute a bug today morning.

As per the functionality it is a glitch, even developer also agreed that and I have filed as P1.

After the bug has filed, developers decided to change the functionality and they started developing as per the new functionality.

Immediately developer changed the bug status to INVALID.

Can you guys, please tell me, Is the bug status is INVALID or WON'T FIX

Please reply asap.

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Invalid if the code has changed for other reasons so that it is still not applicable. Won't fix means, that bug still exists, but it is so minor that it won't be fixed. Comments should note that the issue has become invalid because code has changed. 

Wont fix - Because the imiplementation has changed So this current bug status has wont fix and additionally developers put the comments as like due to feature change. 

i think first time you rise the bug means new status after that developer is accepted ur bug means developer need to change the status to open.open means developer working on that bug.

Invalid beacuse of CR

there is no point of invalid as invalid refers to the tester fault. WontFix is the coorect status becoz as CR got changed in the middle so this issue will not be fix

What did u do - when they changed to INVALID ?


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