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What is the % of bugs that you raised has been accepted

Can you guys share the %

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We can't have a specific answer on this.
Hello friend,

This is vary from person to person, also depend on application knowledge

Suppose normal site viewer posting a bug then 80 -90 % invalid bug

Client posting bug then 20-40 % invalid bug

In development QA team posting bug then 10-20% invalid bug

Best regards
50 - 60% of my bugs got accepted...
70-80% of the bugs which i raised were accepted.
Hi Mohan,

85% of my bugs got accepted.

Sireesha Madhav
Hi Mohan,

Acceptance of the reported bug depends on tester's capability only.

1. Tester should know the functionality & what he/she is testing.

2. Apply testing techniques (From test design to system testing, including functional & non-functional testing)

3. Report the bug with simple language, attach screen shot where ever its required along with other bug details (Severity, description,test id etc.)

4. Tester should be able to convince his reporting manager while his/her bug is being analyzed.

After doing these its 90% of chances that your raised bug will be accepted by test manager.

Happy Testing..:)

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Mohan,

From my side.Most of the bugs are accepted.It will be 85-90%.

Best Regards,
the answer to this varies case by case I mean app by app or person by person.
all can tell what they experienced but no fix answer to this because its not we / you who decides it.
as far as reporting the bug cautiously with submitting all the evidences it will be accepted.
Hi Mohan,

Yes, of course it does not have specific answer but as per my experience till today , it is about 82% to 85%.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishal Shah


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