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Please answer my question: What is the meaning of Capture Tool (or) Replay Tool?

Lakshmi Priya

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Hi Lakshmi Priya,

Capture Tool is used to capture the screenshots and update them with Text, diagrams etc.
Replay Tool is used to record the screen and save it as a video file.

Popular Capture & Replay tool is SnagIT.

* Just googling will fecth you lot of such tools.

Capture and Playback
Capture and Playback tools provide an alternative mechanism for testing applications. Instead of having developers write test cases using scripts or code, these tools enable test cases to be created through the recording of input during a program execution. These input can then be played back during the test run, and the output compared to an expected input-output value.

These tools are independent of the programming language used in the program, and are very useful for testing interactive programs (command-line interfaces or graphical user interfaces). These tools may be a quick solution to preparing functional or acceptance tests.

Jitendra D
Please some suggest good capture/play back tool that can be used for web applications


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