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Quality is delighting customers

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Testing has been invented to delivery Quality.
Hi Sheetal,

We testers work for the Qualiy of the product and "Quality" plays an important role for the product to be success.


Industry reports indicate that over one-third of the IT budget of a company can be wasted on poor definition and improper management of IT requirements.

Until recently, (Quality) Assurance was predominantly seen as ‘defect detection’ with IT testing companies fulfilling this role.

Thus, clients now have begun to understand the scope for ‘defect prevention’ rather than ‘defect detection’.

The right question to ask is what is Quality? And the answer would be what exactly do you understand by quality? As some expert testers (James Bach, Michael Bolton, Jerry Weinberg, etc) would say quality is the value of something for someone who matters. By the way, you've known this answer all your life, you just didn't recognize it. I'm sure you've been deciding what food tastes good, which clothes look good on you, which shoes you feel comfortable in, and there are countless examples of this sort. How exactly do you decide all that???


Milin Patel

Software Tester


Quality is nothing but Customer Satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction comes when the product works as expected.  hence, it is the duty of the tester to find out if the product meets the expectation or not.  

Most of the consumers move to do buying online, it is time to take your business where the consumer is no matter what your business is, online presence, solid software to interact with your customers. You must concentrate on doing, along with that you must ensure that proper software testing and quality assurance is done. 

It is estimated that almost 8o%of programs do not meet quality, cost or time requirements. This leads to the need to reword many programs, which in turn wastes even more time, effort and money.

Quality is important in every aspect of life.

What's the point of the question, excuse me..?

Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link - http://bit.ly/1pl3vBP


Not only in software testing quality is important in every sector and if you are talking about software testing then the importance of quality is incresed because the main goal of testing improves the application or software quality. In the end, our customers areinvested in software testing so it is our responsibility to make their product successful 


Software Tester, at Testrig Technologies

As per the best practice of software testing company, Below are some observations which show why quality is important in software testing.

Customer Satisfaction:
If software performs poorly or very buggy then the software will not last long in the market. That's why software quality is important.

Poor quality in software can be dangerous to human life and safety. Quality problems may impact the functionality of the software product.

Quality issues cost money to fix. When you find any major bug later in the development cycle or after product release then the cost of fixing the bug will be more. If we worked on product quality improvement from the beginning then major bugs can be found in the early stages of development can the cost of bug fixing will be very less.

Future Value:
Avoiding quality problems at the beginning of the software can increase the amount of time available for the next project or the next features. Increasing quality also improves team confidence and team productivity.


TTWT Magazine





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