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What is the exit and entry criterion for Software Test Plan?

This is the one of the interview question, which I have faced recently. Any one answer my question.

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My point of view Exit and Entry Criteria of a good Software Test Plan is:

Entry Criteria:
- Required hardware availability
- FRS / MRD documents
- Design Mockups
- Resource of the person, if the automation tool need (training required to the person)

Exit Criteria:
- Successful and good test plan will come out as per the requirements
- Required Test Data is available
Hi Akshaya Sri,

I will share my experience regarding entry and exit criteria of a test plan.

Entry Criteria:

1.Knowledge transfer from Development team to testing team
2.Test environment
3.Build to be tested
4.Baselined Test cases document

Exit Criteria:

1.Once the Manager signoff the build officially for delivery after QA/testers give the test results to the development team.

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