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what is the exact format of test case and bug reporting and what is the proper statment which i have to take care when writing the test case and bug reporting.............


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pl go through following details



Hi Gaurav,


     Test case format can never be fixed, it's vary company to company, but yes some coulmns should be there in test case format as mandatory like Requirement ID, Test case ID, Test case description, Step to execute, Expected & Actual result.... Also Bug report has the same case, some mandatory field can be, Bug ID, Bug Description, Step to reproduce, seviority, build version, screen shots etc.

    When you go for writing test case, keep in mind all test cases should written against the req, test cases should be in proper sequence and steps should be clear so that anyone can read & execute it, same thing follow while logging a bug, it should be properly explained and also give solution if you know for the particular bug...


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