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What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools?

Hello  Guys, 

i want to know that What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools ...


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Techniques are basically experiences and intuition that you use to test applications. While tools are a mirror image of those experiences which allows you to manage your testing data or scripts when it’s automation.  

Testing tools are software programs clubbed together to per testing activities. These tools generally provide record and playback features along with common scripting platform to customize the tests. Common functional testing tools are - Quick Test Professional, Selenium etc. Common performance testing tools are Load Runner, Rational Performance Tester etc.

Hi Chunmun,

Techniques and Tools are two different things in functional testing services. Below are the details:

Testing Technique is the method or way to perform a particular task OR you can say it's a process to ensure that some aspects of the application system or unit functions properly. 
For example to validate the functionality of the system, various testing techniques can be applied like to measure the quality of a system or application:
System Testing
- Functional Testing
- End to End testing
- Performance Testing
- Localization testing

Testing Tools are the objects or resource to the tester that helps to perform the tasks OR you can also say that testing tools are software to perform testing activities. Below are some examples:
- Performance Testing is the technique and LoadRunner/JMeter is the tool
- Automation Testing is the technique and Quick Test Professional/Selenium is the tool.

Hope above information clarifies your doubt.


Hello buddy,

The software testing techniques that are employed in order to make the most of software is one that will allow for a PC, gadget or device to fully function on different levels.

Learning the techniques is one that will allow any technician to further step into the capability to effectively test software.

The purpose of software testing tools can dramatically simplify testing, by using a testing tool you can increase the defect find rate and ultimately deliver a higher release quality.

Beyond this, it can lead to enhancements in the reliability of the delivered solutions making them more productive and efficient from the clients perspective.


Software Automation Testing Tool

Testing techniques:
Techniques are simple observations and insights that you use to check applications. Although tools are a mirror image of those interactions that helps you to handle your test data or scripts when they are automated.

Testing tools:
Research methods are clubbed software programs for each research operation. Such tools usually have recorded and replay functionality to configure the experiments along with can scripting base. Popular methods for functional testing are-Professional Fast Check, Selenium, etc. Pack driver, Rational Performance Tester, etc. are rising performance testing tools.


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