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What is the difference between Selenium and Katalon Studio?

Someone answer me the difference between Selenium and Katalon Studio? which one is good for testing?

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Hi Smita,

It's good to know you are interested in testing your application using most frequently used tools Selenium or Katalon Studio.

In today's era of automation, there are lot of tools available in the testing industry that can make your testing easy and efficient.

Please find below, the major differences between Katalon Studion and Selenium that will make your testing easy

Sr No Feature Katalon Studio Selenium
1 Description Katalon Studio is a tool that has been built with readily usable features for fast test case creation and execution. Selenium is an automation API and software testing framework available in multiple languages.
2 Platform Support Cross-platform Cross-platform
3 Application Support Web and Mobile applications Web applications
4 Language Support Java/Groovy Java, C#, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP
5 Coding Skills Not Required Strongly required to proper utilize features of this tool.
6 Configuration Easy configuration and execution Require installing and integrating various tools
7 Image Testing Built-in support Require installing additional libraries
8 Test Analysis Built-In Katalon analysis No Analysis
9 License Type Freeware Open Source
10 Community Support Less R&D so far on this tool Extensively used tool and on-line support is easily available.

If you are new to automation then its always recommended that you can consult to any automation testing company

I hope my answer will help you.

Anand Singh

Both are good testing tools,Selenium  is open for integration with other tools and frameworks to enhance its capability, but Testing teams need to have good background in programming. The Katalon Studio is integrating necessary frameworks and features for fast test cases execution and creation. It’s also good for testers with limited technical knowledge.


Katalon Studio is an automated testing platform that offers a comprehensive set of features to implement full automated testing solutions for mobile and Web applications. Built on top of the open-source Selenium and Appium frameworks, Katalon Studio allows teams to get started with test automation quickly by reducing the effort and expertise required for learning and integrating these frameworks for automated testing needs.

Selenium is perhaps the most popular automation framework that consists of many tools and plugins for Web application testing. Selenium is known for its powerful capability to support performance testing of Web applications. Selenium is a popular choice in the open-source test automation space, partly due to its large and active development and user community.

Click here to see the differences between the Selenium and  Katalan Studio.


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