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What is the difference between End to end testing and System testing?

Hi Friends,

Can you please explain me clearly 'What is the difference between End to end testing and System testing?'. 

Which one has major scope to test? (or) these two are same?

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Yes i have tried this friend,

I found "About 21,100,000 results.

Some one says both are same and other says 'End to End' testing is a part of 'System Testing'. If you know exact answer, please explain clearly with an example.

I do not know the exact answer and it does not affect my career so far.

If there is no clear answer available in the world of software testing for your question, better accept it and move on.

Thanks for your suggestion,

End-To-End Testing:

It is a type of testing in which one will perform testing on a complete transaction from one end to another end.

System Level Testing:

Once the application is deployed into the environment then if one performs testing on the system it is known as system level testing it is a black box testing and usually done by the test engineers.


            At this level of testing so many types of testing are done.


Some of those are

 ð  System Integration Testing

ð  Load Testing

ð  Performance Testing

ð  Stress Testing etc….


Hi Guptha,

Thanks for you reply, Still one doubt is raising in my mind. That is "Is 'end to end' testing is a sub-part of 'System Testing'?"

Because in system testing also we have chance to test on complete transaction, that is also one part of system na?

I think,

End to end testing performed to test the flow of the application and it is purely functional testing.

Where as

in system testing you perform the functional testing as well as non functional testing too....

This is what the mejor differance is.

-S Sarita.

I believe both are different.

Here is the very good article from microsoft about end to end testing. After reading this you can easily understand the differences between system and end to end testing.


According to me these 2 terms are almost similar to each other but differs at some point of view.These both terms are related to complete testing of the application.End-to-end testing involves in testing of an application to validate the flaw form the start to the end without a glitch.System testing is used to validate that the software developed is in accordance with the requirements of the end user.


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