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What is the difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

Hello Friends, 

Could you please clarify my doubt.

What is the difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy…Both are different documents or both refer single document only?

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Test plan is a document that describes - scope , objective , focus of the software testing effort that testers are going to do on the application or software

Test strategy comes under test plan . It is one of the template in test plan.
Test strategy gives an idea about different types of testing such as system , regression , integration testing etccc that has to be done on software or application.
1.Test Strategy Is a Part of Test Plan, it includes Company Policies Guidlines ,what are the levels of testing company follows,
is these levels are perform in order,
Test strategy decides how many iteration of System and Integration Test cases
Test strategy decide how much testing is automated and how much is manual

Test Plan: is a document that describes objectives,scope approach and focus to software testing effort.

2.Test strategy decides timelines on which Test plan executes

3.Once Test strategy is freezed u cant changed

but We can change test plan.

Thanks and regards

Ajaykumar Pardhi
Thanks Ajay.....
Hi ,

As far as my concern Test strategy is a high level documents in which we include overall process that how would be strategy for the QA activites for the application so it is brought concept and test plan is just the part of test strategy.

See we can create two type of test plan one is who will describe the process of QA activites for overall application and second which is called detail test plan which we develop for each type of testing phase .

comments always welcomes.
A software project test plan is a document that describes the objectives, scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort.Test Plan is blueprint to achieve test objectives.Test Strategy is a part of Test Plan.

Test Strategy generally defines the following things:
1. Methodologies used for testing(Black box/White box/Grey box)
2. Levels of testing
3. Test Activities carried out in each level of testing
4. Preparation for Test Environment and Test Data
5. where to use Manual testing and Automation testing


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