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What is the difference between Test Scenario & Test PLan?


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- A test plan is a document that describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities, while a test scenario is a document that describes both typical and atypical situations that may occur in the use of an application.

- Test plans define the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the intended testing activities, while test procedures define test conditions, data to be used for testing, and expected results, including database updates, file outputs, and report results.

- A test plan is a description of the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities, while a test scenario is a description of test cases that ensure that a business process flow, applicable to the customer, is tested from end to end.
I Agree with Kamali...
other important points for a Testplan:

test-end criteria
acceptance criteria
abortion and resumtion criteria
test strategy
description of the test-steps (systemtest, integrationtest, acceptance test....)
description of your testobjects (highly recommended for high-security tests & MultiSystem tests)

A Test Scenario is more concrete then a (abstract) test plan.
A Test Scenatio describes the specific testcases (test environment, hard- software needed, scheduling, responsibilities, expected result, .... )

Hope this will help!

kind regards
Test Plan: A test plan documents the strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or a system meets its design specifications and other requirements. There are three major elements that should be described in the test plan: Test Coverage, Test Methods, and Test Responsibilities.

Test Coverage - Items to be tested and Items not to be tested within a product or a system

Test methond- Types of testing used - Functional test, Perfomence test, Compatability test, Entry/exit criteria, etc..

Test Responsibity - This includes Test delivirables, Test task, Environment needs, Test data, etc....

According to IEEE 829-1998 Test Plan Structure

• Test plan identifier
• Introduction
• Test items
• Features to be tested
• Features not to be tested
• Approach
• Item pass/fail criteria
• Suspension criteria and resumption requirements
• Test deliverables
• Testing tasks
• Environmental needs
• Responsibilities
• Staffing and training needs
• Schedule
• Risks and contingencies
• Approvals

Test Scenario - A set of test cases that ensure that the business process flows are tested from end to end. They may be independent tests or a series of tests that follow each other, each dependent on the output of the previous one.

It is basically a collection of tescases or a single test case which is intended verify a business flow.

Example: Checking Mail in Yahoo is a scenario, where user login, check the mail in inbox and then logoff. This application can have 2 different test case one for login and other one for inbox.
Hi All,

Vanita,Kamali,Peter, Karthik thanks indeed for the explanation...i was asked this difference in an interview & i messed it up royally!!!

Now i wont.....!



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