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what is the difference between manual testing and automation?

what is the difference between manual testing and automation?




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Hi Prasad,

                Manual Testing:Testing an application with human interaction is called Manual testing.i.e,Applying inputs and observing outputs.

                 Automation Testing:Automation testing is automating the manual  testing process currently in use.The use of software to control the execution of tests,the comparison of actual outcomes, the setting  up of test preconditions,and other test control and test reporting functions.Automation enables you to control the functionality of an application programmatically.



lakshmi kanth reddy    

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Manual testing means doing the test manually where as automation testing means doing the test automatically by using some tool.

during conducting testing we have got a defect and it is posted to the development team , the development team will release the modified build ,on that modified build we have to do re and regression testing but it is very difficult to do regression testing manually if the defects are more so for. This reason we use automation.



Ankala Rao M

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Manual tests are those that require human intervention to perform a test procedure. Automated tests can be designed to replicate any user/application activity in a high-speed and easily replicated environment. Not all tests should, or can be, automated. Certain processes that require human intervention, such as loading special paper into a printer, cannot be automated by a software tool. However, a good automated testing tool can easily incorporate necessary manual activities into an otherwise automated testing process.

Hi all,

Executing STLC process with human effort is called Manual Testing.

Executing STLc process with a tool or interface is called Automation Testing.


Automation testing is continuous process of Manual testing, it is not a separate testing.



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