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What is the difference between Severity and Priority ? Which one is used by a tester ?

Severity : is how bad this bug impact on the system.

Priority : Is how important these bug is

--Mahesh Dhule

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Severity defines the magnitude of the defect in the application...
priority defines the urgency of the defect in the application...

high severity:anything related to functionality..
medium severity:anything related to usability..
low severity:anything related to GUI..

Depending on urgency we set high medium n low priority

Severity: Severity means how much badly the bug is effected the application functionality ....Here when the application crashes means the tester will give the severity as High and the priority is given by the tester .....

Priority: Priority means how much time it take to solve the issue. Here when the bug is in high severity then the tester will fix as high priority. Then the developer should fix the issue with in less time because of high priority.

Severity is given by Tester and Priority is given by Tester/Developer.(most of the cases Priority is given by tester.)


Testers only using severity.

The seriousness of defect in terms of functionality is called severity. This is described as three types.

High: A major issue wherea large piece of functionality or majr sytem component is not broken.There is now ork around and testing must halt.

Medium: A significant issue where a large piece of functionality or manjoy system component is not working properly.There is a work around , however, and testing can processed.

Minor: A minor issue that imposes some loss of functioality, but for which there is an acceptable and easily reproducible work around.Testing can processed without interruption.



Severity is assign by Tester : how bug is affected to modules and functionality,

Priority is assign by Developer/project manager.how early that bug should be solved.


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