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What is the difference between 'Use Testcase' and 'Test Cases' and What is the use of 'use test case'?

I am Confuse about the Use Test case. Which test case is called 'Use test Case'?




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usecase describes actors actions and corresponding response of the application

test cases is a step by step process how to test the functionality of an application

usecase document is a parent document like BRD FRS SRS using which we can write test case

A Use Case is a test case that is written from the USER/Client point of view. Following are the examples for test case & use case :

Test Case: for a particular field : 1234 not accepted & abcd accepted.
Use Case: for the same field : abcd should be accepted & after SUBMIT (for example) action submitted successfully message should be displayed.

Usecase describes how to use a functionality and test case verifies a funtionality.

Ankit Mehta
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Thanks Ankita
Good Explaination !!!
Would like to know who invented "Use Test Case".
Use case or use test case is I think interchangeable terms. Here BA (Business Analyst) writes complete flow of module along with all possible alternative flow, and this document we use for test scenario/ test case identification & creation.

Test Case: Tester writes steps to execute a particular scenario.

How is use case and test case interchangeable?

Hii Abu,

As she asked Use test case, I said that test Use case might be use case only.
Hi Ajit,

Ok, actually they are completely different. Interviewers ask this question to fool around.

My manager was asking what is concurrent testing? the interviewee answered testing done at the same time!!! alas, is there any such testing?

Basically Use case is a design document which describes the flow and behavior of actions performed by actors.
Test case validates the above.

Hi Abu,
Good Explaination !!!!!
I want to know that is there any term 'use test case'? or 'Use Case' is right
Pls Clarify me
Thanks in advance

There is NO term called as USE TEST CASE.

Use care is right and test case is also right.
Thanks Abu

Hi Siddiq,

Can you give live example for  Use case like successfully login , which cover all fields of Use case. or if you have any use case document then send me.


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