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What is the difference between Release Acceptance Testing and Acceptance Testing?


What is the difference between Release Acceptance Testing and Acceptance Testing? This is the question, I was faced in interview last week.

My asnwer is : Release Acceptance Testing and Acceptance Testing both are same.

Tell me your opinion please.

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Release Acceptance Testing - Smoke or Sanity Testing.

Acceptance Testing - User Acceptance Testing.

How come both are same per you?

Hi Madhumita,

Both are not same.

As per my opinion is Abu is right.
Release Acceptance Testing is Smoke/Sanity/Build verification Test. However, Acceptance Testing is User acceptance Testing.

With Regards,
Yes , Both of you are right .
Release Acceptance testing is related to Sanity / Smoke / Build verification testing , and
Acceptance Testing is related to Clients acceptance / Beta testing .
I would like to share my view on this topic as it gives different meanings:

Release Acceptance Test must be related to a specific release (i.e. which has come up with certain short term commitments or partially developed features) and the test could be done by internal testing team or some times by client. Whereas we aware that acceptance test is done by client only as per business commitment from vendor.

Usually release acceptance test can be seen in R&D related projects as client is not sure about the behaviour of the system after implementation of specific requirements, especially look & feel (GUI) + use and feel (peformance).

However, we may also say release acceptance test is done internally using random test with scientific approach by expert but to ensure overall quality we shall check and analyse test reports and open issues if any before taking the decision for making a release.

I welcome comments.
@ Mallikarjuna,

Your explanation infers both are DIFFERENT not same! but the intention/objectivity of the test is SAME. whether to accept or reject the build!!!

Release Acceptance test is by Dev -> Tester

Acceptance Test is by Vendor -> Client.

Are there any chances of Release Accpetance is Passed but Acceptance is Not.
Yes, I faced lot of such situations.
what is the course of action in that case.
Deliverable the release again with PATCHE(S).
that I agree..my intention was what measures do u follow to track where the issue was done...say when Test team gives Green Signal to Release Build then it means that all the Features according to Customer were checked and once its released Customer has rejected in User Acceptance test...so it conveys that there is a GAP between the Environment of ours and Customer...Environment does not mean the H/w,S/w...it covers the docs and what all needed
Your question is too wide to answer at this juncture , start a new thread on this.
yes ,,both are same as per my views


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