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What is the best way to decide,which test case to follow for a particular product?

A question that arises in the mind of every tester and everything actually depends on this as if u choose the wrong test case your process entirely goes wrong...

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Hi Praneet,

Yes!, this is really a nice topic to discuss, during early stage of my career I was facing the same issues but after working with different companies and different models following is my conclusion. It may vary on different situations.

  • while writing test cases we can add one more column with name giving name and severity/critical , if the test case is not marked as critical it can be skipped during the execution
  • while creating test batch, it can follow the same rule, if company is using RAD model test batch should be generated with more critical first and no critical last
  • For all "must" requirements test cases must be executed.
  • if company is with mindset of "Pixel Perfect" , all UI test cases must have high priority

Hope this helps.


Ankit Mehta


Hi Praneet,

The question is appropriate in your mind and every tester must give a thought on this before finalizing the test cases. 

To make this simpler, test cases are divided into several sections like:
Report functionality
Export functionality
Drilling functionality
Grid and Graph test cases
Threshold value validation
Boundary value validations
Performance test cases
Security test cases
Source systems validation
Target system validations, etc

Once you finalize in a broader way as how many functionalities you have on your product, you will be easily able to right down the different test cases in individual sections.

To make sure if the tester has mainly cover the functionalities, tester should create a Requirement Traceability Matrix document where he will define as which functionality is referring to which test case. This way he/she can avoid the slippage of functionality during testing.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you need more details.

Thanks & Regards,
Megha Bagaria
InfoCepts Technologies Pvt Ltd, Nagpur

It may take many test cases to figure out that a software application or system is regarded completely examined to be launched.The test should not take much time to deliver the results to the tester.Reading the specifications and requirements might help in this case.The test cases should be cross-platform and should work across different screen resolutions.


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