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What is the best tool to automate an application which is web & desktop based ...

I m evaluating an automation tool for .NET based application, which has both windows desktop & web based UIs, what would be the best tool to automate ...

1- QTP
2- AppPerfect
3- SilkTest
4- IBM Rational Func Tester
or any other tool anyone can suggest ...

One more query is either IBM Rational Functional Tester works for both windows & web based automation ????

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Try AutoCzar which works with .Net based application as well as Webbased. It is really awesome tool, script less tool
i went to this website , but couldn't find a link to download trial --- i left bcz it was taking more time to contact sales & then find trial download ....
Try "Test Partner" from MicroFocus (Earlier Compuware).
I would recommend the "TOSCA Testsuite" which supports desktop and webbased .net applications (besides many many ... other technologies) and it's absolutely script free as well.
Hey, buddy

Try AutoCzar once, it is really a good tool.

Why cannot you try the TestPartner Automation Tool From Microfocus which is best suited for .Net based application which works for both Desktop as well as for web based application.

Currently I am using this tool for .Net application for both Desktop and web based application.

For more detail refer below link:-
Since the application is developed in .Net then why not take advantage of the application .Net Assemblies?
RFT has some support for .Net
QTP 10.5 comes with inbuilt libraries that support good number but not all .net controls e.g. Telerik, Exceed, Component One, Flex,Flash controls./Forget(custom Controls)
Silk test has limitations when it come to .Net

IMHO TestPartner would be the best available tool in your case. If you are conversant with .net framework and CTS,CLR and comfortable in c# or VB.Net or python(iron python) then Ranorex is test automation tool.
I have contacted to their support team two or three times from their website trial request form, but no body have yet contacted me from their support ...
Can u pls help me out
I have come up with the following list as of yet,

AppPerfect-WebTest + AppTest
Test Complete
WebUI Test Studio
Ranorex Automation Framework
Rational Functional Tester - IBM's (formerly Rational's)
QA Wizard

Any comments or feedback pls .... i m trying for Ajax Support with scripting lang aupport
I will try to download & evaluate Test Partner...
According to me Selenium RC is one of the good automation tool to automated web based application.
QTP 10.0


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