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What is the best practice for writing test cases in below mentioned scenario??

Hi All,

     I had argument/debate with my friend for the below given scenario and argument/debate was for what is good practice and number of manual test cases. Though there was no conclusion, I am trying to get help from the forum.

Below Scenario is repeated for 15 different of data files:

1. Download the data file (Every type has a file to be downloaded)

2. Trigger a job which will populate the data in DB (Job is different for each of the type)

3. Validate the data against the downloaded data for data correctness. (SQL query used for validation differs slightly for each of the 15 type)

Data might/will change from file to file and file type here do not mean different formats..

I mean I have 1.csv, 2.csv,3.csv .... 15.csv (15 different files) also there is no relationship between these files. DB compare is different for each of the file Argument was where to write 15 manual test cases for 15 types so that there would be clarity Or to write 1 test case and pass 15 test data.

I personally supported the first, 15 manual test cases as it simplifies things and easy for me to log defect against type of file. and also I can certify certain file type as passed or failed,Which I cant do when I have only 1 manual test case. More over I feel that Management will get clear picture of the things/status of the project AND On the other hand there is repetitiveness.

Whats the best approach in the above mentioned scenario. Please help.



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I do prefer to write 15 test cases...As per my understanding, every test case should be simple i.e., any new people can execute the test cases without any help...So, it is better to write 15 test cases separately.

And also when it comes to productivity, we can easily showcase it .


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