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Hi friends,

I would like to know what is the basis for writing a test plan. I am aware of the contents of a test plan. I would like to know what is the information that is required to write a test plan.
For example, if you a join a new organisation as a Test Lead and you are asked to write a test plan, what would be your approach and basis to write the test plan?


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1. Understand application
2. Get input from Project plan,
3. Get input from BA
4. Get inoput from Test Team members

btw.. Y do you think that Test plan DOCUMENT is very important. Why dont you go for preparing a better test strategy and approach
You should go through the following before creating Test Plan

also you have to manage Test Schedule according to Integration Testing and System testing enviroment by having inputs about project status Report from your team members.
Pre conditions are important
project status, project size, project duration, dead line, team size,
then start test plan what to test ? who will test? why will test? when it will test? how it will test?

if i am wrong please correct me.

Thanks for the input Sumit, Sarang and Shashikant
Sumit: There are some companies which rely on Test Plan. For some companies often test strategy document is often a part of Test Plan.
In general, even if I have to write Test Strategy , I would need some inputs : For exmaple : Project Schedule, Project Plan, Project size, Duration. Again as you said discussions with BA and other Test Team members would be critical.
check this attached document ...this is sample only ...you can add what you need there ...reply back if u like

Thanx Sarang for sharing it with us..............:)

(mainly entry and exit criteria)
Hi guys,

Can someone tell me when do we write a test plan. Is it written during the Design phase?

What is the basis for writing the test plan.

1. First, get the SOW[ State of work] if you are working in service company and Get the base-lined requirement if you are working in Product company
2. Ask for the schedule for the cycle.
3. Get the testing scope for the iterations and work on that.
4. Estimation for the resources[Team members] if you the project is being developed newly.
5. Find out the risks
6. Understand the dependencies.

TEST PLAN would be started during the END of the Requirement Phases.
Correct me if i am wrong.

Hi ShashiKumar,

Does that mean it is done after the functional requirements are ready.
Because I felt you need to have complete requirements before a test plan is created.
If you just have partial requirements or during the requirements gathering phase, would it be possible to write a test plan?

Hi Balaji,

is a document is a procedural guide which describes the Objectives, Scope, Test Approach, Strategy and Schedule of the intended testing activitiesIt identifies the Test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, timelines,
who will do each task, any risk requiring contingency plan, to what level the tests will be performed etc.
The three major elements of a test plan document are Test Coverage, Test Methods, and Test Responsibilities.

Test Coverage in the test plan states what requirements will be verified during what stages of the product life. Test Coverage is derived from design specifications and other requirements.

Test Methods in the test plan state how test coverage will be implemented and what kind of test methodologies will be implemented during the entire QA phase. Test methods also specify test equipment to be used in the performance of the tests and establish pass/fail criteria.

Test Responsibilities includes what test methods needs to be performed at each stage of the product life. This allows test team to plan, prepare test equipments and other resources necessary to implement the test methods.

Test responsibilities also includes, what data will be collected, and how that data will be stored and reported
(often referred to as Deliverables)

Ganesh Jayam

Test plan is mainly estimate start to end time (i.e including test case authoring ,test case design,test case execution etc)



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