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Test Environment is  nothing but combination of hardware and software on which Test Team performs testing.


  • Application Type: Web Application
  • OS: Windows
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Web Page Design: Dot Net
  • Client Side Validation: JavaScript
  • Server Side Scripting: ASP Dot Net
  • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Browser: IE/FireFox/Chrome

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As per functional testing services testing environment is a setup of an environment with configuring software and hardware requirements for performing testing or for executing a set of test cases to test any application feature.

Software testing success ensured by setting up a suitable test environment.

For example below software and hardware requirements to be clear for setting up a test environment:
OS(Windows/Linux/MAC/Android/iOS), Web Server(IIS/Apache), Database and Browser (IE/FireFox/Chrome/Safari)

Desktop/ Android Mobile/ iOS Mobile
Screen size

Anand Singh


As per software testing services companies,Test Environment Management is a function in the software delivery process which aids the software testing cycle by providing a validated, stable and usable test environment to execute the test scenarios or replicate bugs


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