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1. What is Test Automation?

Software testing is an essential part in the software development life cycle. It ensures that product is bug-free and working properly. But some tasks are repetitive, time-consuming and hard to be done manually. Therefore, Test automation are the best way to help you handle with these tasks automatically and increase effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of the software testing.Test Automation is a process that makes use of automation testing tools to execute pre-scripted tests on applications, then compares the test results to the expected behavior and reports it to the testers. In addition, Automation testing tools also have the Record and Playback features which help you to record all your testing activities. Basically, Automation testing tools repeat the predefined actions then compare the results to the predicted behavior. If the outcome and the expected results align, your product is working as it’s supposed to do.

Automation Test
Automation Test

2. What can automation testing tools help you?

  • Save time and money.

Repeating certain tests manually is costly and time consuming, especially regression testing, but it is an essential part in the software development life cycle to ensure the quality of the product. Every time the source code is changed, tests must be repeated. And automation testing tool is the best way to help you run repetitive tests faster and more effective. Once automation tests are set up, they can be repeated again and again, they can execute overnight unattended and that save your time and hence save money.

  • Reusable

The interesting thing is that the script is reusable, you don’t need to rewrite the scripts all the time. Automation testing tool allow you to reuse the scripts on different versions of the application.

  • Increase test coverage

For automation testing, the more tests are executed, the higher test coverage is. Repeating the same test cases are usually frustrating and takes a lot of time. Automation testing tools can easily execute a big number of tests on multiple browsers and configurations, this can help you increase the test coverage of the application which is impossible in the mutual testing.

  • Improve testing accuracy

For annual testing, it is very easy for a tester to make mistakes during testing. The pressure of time and the repetitious nature of tests or simply doing a boring test again and again can increase the changes of errors. This issue can be overcome by using automation tests. In this way, it can eliminate the risk of human errors and perform precise results. Testers can spend more time on what they are needed most, say produce complex test cases.

  • Do what manual testing can not

In many cases, manual testing is not capable of executing many tests, or simply it takes too much time to perform it manually. Test automation can overcome these problems easily.

  • Perform better and more efficient than manual testing

Automation testing can perform better and more time-efficient when it comes to regression tests or performance test,… Automation test can simulate a thousand of different users interacting with the application, hence save your time.

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Selenium IDE in an integrated development environment which tests code while integrating browser activity. The main ambition of writing these types of tests is to mimic user actions to determine if the web server and database are behaving as expected as they carry out the users’ commands.

Documents are the heart of selenium tests. These commands are a way of knowing what part of the application is being tested and what the user expects the browser to present. Writing tests is almost simple with selenium. The end product of a selenium test can be transformed to any language, however, by default, selenium scripts are simply a combination of “Selenese” commands in an HTML format.

However, by creating  or downloading a user extension, JavaScript commands may also be implemented. User extensions themselves are created with JavaScript by adding methods to the Selenium object prototype. 

Agile testing is the methodology and practice of software testing under agile software development which needs team collaboration, and applies in short time incremental and iterative development process. Agile manifesto and its types, Principles of agile testing

Automated Software Testing Program is a process in which software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production.

Benefits of Automation Testing.

Fast: Runs tests significantly faster than human users. Repeatable: Testers can test how the website or software reacts after repeated execution of the same operation. Reusable: Tests can be re-used on different versions of the software.

Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tool used in industry to test different web and mobile applications. Understand what selenium is and its products, Set selenium IDE and use it for simple automation

Automation testing is more reliable and way quicker when running boring repetitive standardized tests which can not be skipped, ever, but may cause errors when manually tested. You can test more devices simultaneously resulting in comparative detailed reports generated in less time with the exact the same parameters, because the exact same scripts were run.


Hello buddy,

Test automation is mostly used organizations due to the various advantages it offers. From better test path coverage to repetitive and exhaustive testing, it overcomes human mistakes that are made by tiredness or neglect.

But along with various benefits, it also poses many problems. You have an automation solution for almost every condition but managers often find it very daunting to locate the right one and implement it in the best way.

You can get the most benefit out of your automated testing efforts by automating:

  • Tests that take a lot of effort and time when manual testing.
  • Tests that take a lot of effort and time when manual testing.
  • Tests that run on several different hardware or software platforms and configurations.
  • Tests that are impossible to perform manually.
  • Frequently used functionality that introduces high-risk conditions.
  • Tests that need various datasets.
  • Tests that tend to cause a human mistake.
  • Repetitive tests that run for many builds.


Automated Testing Services In USA

In Automation Testing we use some automation tool to execute test case.
Since Manual Testing needs full human efforts, so manual testing increase the release time-line when we need to perform regression cycle.

Benifit of of Automation testing are as follows:

1. Smoke Test suite execution as soon as new build is deployed
2. Reporting defects in Defects system for the issues encountered
3. Test case and test cycle creation
4 Regression suite execution
5. Cross browser test case execution.

Aim to have automation testing is to remove the human efforts required to perform regression testing .

Effective and stable test automation need expert automation engineers. You can contact to any Software testing company which provide test automation services. This will help you to get robust  and stable automation framework for your application.



Really Nice Information you added in this article...I would also love to share my thoughts 

According to the name “mobile test automation,” the testing will be done with the help of automation testing tools. The overall completely mobile app testing process is automated. This can be done by using automation tools and helps in reducing the testing time cycle.

There are various mobile automation testing tools used by mobile test automation company while doing app testing…

Such as;

  • TestComplete Mobile
  • Test IO
  • Kobiton
  • Robotium
  • Calabash
  • Appium

I hope this short answer will helpful to you…


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