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In STLC there are 5 phases.

1. Test Planning & Control -

  • verifying the mission of testing
  • define objective of testing
  • define actions necessary to meet mission & objective of project in order to control the testing of that project.

2. Test Analysis & Design -

  • review test basics such as requirement, design, interfaces.
  • evaluating testability of the test.
  • prioritizing test conditions based on analysis.
  • designing & prioritizing test cases.
  • identifying test data.

3. Test Implementation &  Execution -

  • creating test suits for effective execution.
  • logging the outcome of the test execution.
  • comparing actual result and expected result.
  • reporting the bug.

4. Evaluating Exit Criteria & Reporting -

  • checking test logs against the exit criteria specified in the test plan.
  • check if more test needed or the defined exit criteria should be changed.
  • writing test summary report.

5. Test Closure Activities

  • checking plan deliverables have been delivered.
  • Closure of bug reports.
  • proper documentation has been done.

Hope its useful :)

thank u sweta...

Sweta has given a nice explanation but unfortunately .. It is Testing Process not the Testing Life Cycle..

and I think we have discussed the same topic in past so kindly search for the same ...!


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