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What is role of a Tester in Test-Driven Development process.

In traditional way ,testing is used only to find bugs .And mostly tests are designed without knowing the underline code just by looking in to SRS .Even automated tests are done mostly on GUI level and that too by a non programmer .As per TDD ,tests should be written at unit level .The objective of these tests is not to hunt for bugs ,but to facilitate reliability ,detailed requirement implementation . In TDD , the tester can help the programmer to understand the detailed functional level complex scenarios .And he can go for test case strategy to make all the acceptance testing full proof. Tester can do some some non functional testing on security ,localization ,usability ,performance and scalability at the early stage too.

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Tester is the basic unit of the test driven development. He need to analyze the requirement and test them... on the documentation front and then they should convert them in test scenarios.Which can be given to the developer for the development.

This ensures the testing of the requirements and less possibility of the missed requirements.

Thanks a lot Kriti...

According to my experience testing is basically to ensure product/application meets its requirements and ensure robust enough to intended environment. In this process we find defects, get them fixed and test it again.

Coming to your headline, If the role is just tester then obviously the role is limited to only testing and generating a report, if the role is testing engineer then the limit also covers drafting test cases and reviews, if the engineer is experienced with scripting then he/she is like a software engineer should be involved in every stage of STLC. (Right from understanding requirements, design and developing scripts and analyzing the automation results). More experienced testing engineer involves in relatively critical and difficult activities obviously.

The only problem with STLC is, management is usually least bother as its result not seen by end-user. Management most concern about final product/application. So naturally STLC team for scripts development usually not followed the way SDLC team follows or they may adopt informal agile model to show quick results.



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ya kirti i agree with u, but according to my experience testing is not only to find out the bugs , should ensure the product's quality thats the main role of the tester.In STLC each and every phase testing is concerned.If v test the application wat we will find just an errors bt apart from that there is lot of missing statements, tht is have to trace the requirements and the project plan and bug reports. if v do the above mentioned work lot of gains to the concern 

1. Resource will be managed well.

2. Product will be deliver on time.

3.SRS will meet the end user requirement.

4.Time management.

5.Quality product willbe deliver.

6.If v follow the above points surely v ill get a appraisal and rewards and increment as soon as possible.

this is experience.

Thanks a lot Prabhu....

 Pradeep , 

          The Role of the tester remains the same doesn't matter its TDD or a casual execution based testing ..

The Role Is :- Find the defect , find them as early as possible and follow them until they get fixed .. 

If You talk about TDD then I think developers have something to do with It ... 

Test driven development is when Developers are responsible for designing test cases for Unit test first before coding the Unit..  When We talk about Agile Model : it has two famous Methods :-  1) XP and 2) Scrum. 



1) XP :- demands for Test Driven development .. where main focus in on Testing so that we could deliver a System which will fit for purpose to the Client. eventually it will also improve the productivity.. 


In a Single sentence :- Test Driven Development is a software development technique which uses short development iterations based on already written test cases that define desired improvements or new functions . Each iteration will produce the code which is necessary to pass the tests for that iteration..!!



Samrat Jha. 

Thanks a lot Samrat....


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