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Do you know about risk based testing..


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Risk based testing is a type of software testing that prioritize the tests of features and functions based on the risk of failure. It also means managing projects risk which possible are possible outcomes that endanger successful completion of project. It involves measuring how well we are doing at finding removing  and finding the crucial bugs.

First of all, let's understand what is Risk in software testing. 'Risk' is a problem which has the probability to occur and when it occurs; causes the Loss. So, Risk management must be part of testing process and start during early phases i.e. Test planning phase.

Risk based testing performed during functional testing services involves testing the functionality which has the highest impact and probability of failure. While implementing this in project, qa services are focused to prioritize and emphasize the appropriate tests during test execution.

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Risk based testing is fundamentally a testing carried out for the project in the light of risks. Risk based testing makes use of risks to organize and underline the suitable tests amid test execution. In easy terms – Risk is the likelihood of occurrence of an undesirable result. This result is additionally connected with an impact. Since there would not be adequate time to test the entire functionality, Risk based testing includes testing the functionality which has the most noteworthy effect and likelihood of a failure. you can also check in detail http://crbtech.in/Testing/software-testing-understanding-risk-based...


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