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What is Performance Testing?

Is any special software or tool used for performance testing?



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Performance Testing is used to check the responsiveness, reliability and stability of the system under a given workload.
Quality Testing has many discussion regarding this topic.....plz refer below link,May it clarify ur doubts
Thanks Ankita.
Performance Testing: This is non functional testing, In which Quality of system measure on load,stress,memory,Configuration Testing other test are performed. Performance testing is done using different-2 software such as Load runner, win runner etc. Plz update me if i am wrong.

Kamal you are correct. Load Runner is used for performance testing. Win Runner is functionality testing tool..
@Kamal ,

Can you help to understand How on can do Performance testing on winrunner

performance testing is carried out during system testing..its is non functional testing..it checks that key system operations perform within the stated time

Hello buddy,

An organization can also use performance testing as a diagnostic aid to locate computing or communications bottlenecks within a system. Bottlenecks are a single point or component within a system's overall function that hold back overall performance. For example, even the fastest computer will function poorly on today's web if the bandwidth is less than 1 megabit per second (Mbps). Slow data transfer rates might be inherent in hardware, but can also result from software-related problems, such as too many applications running at the same time or a corrupted file in a web browser.

Performance testing can help identify the nature or location of a software-related performance problem by highlighting where an application might fail or lag.

Performance testing can also verify that a system meets the specifications claimed by its manufacturer or vendor. The process can be used to compare two or more devices or programs.


software performance testing

Hi Aashish,

As per software testing services Performance testing is a type of a non-functional testing which is performed to determine how the software applications will perform under their expected workload and under overload conditions.

- It is performed to ensure responsiveness and stability under various workloads.
- The main objective of Performance Testing is to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Below are most common tools used for performing Performance testing:
      1. Jmeter
      2. HP LoadRunner
      3. LoadView Testing
      4. WebLOAD
      5. NeoLoad

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