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Can any one explain about Parallel Testing?

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Hi Ritu,

Parallel testing is a type of testing where the tester reconciles the output of the new system to the output of the current system, in order to verify the new system operates correctly

In general, parallel testing involves testing multiple products or subcomponents simultaneously. A parallel test station typically shares a set of test equipment across multiple test sockets, but, in some cases, it may have a separate set of hardware for each unit under test (UUT).

The majority of nonparallel test systems test only one product or subcomponent at a time, leaving expensive test hardware idle more than 50 percent of the test time. Thus, with parallel testing, you can increase the throughput of manufacturing test systems without spending a lot of money to duplicate and fan out additional test systems.

Parallel Test Architecture:
While you can implement parallel testing in most existing test systems, modular test system architectures deliver the best results when used in a parallel testing environment.

Test management software, such as NI TestStand, and modular PXI hardware components offer many features for obtaining the highest performance out of a parallel test system. However, you can implement parallel testing using much of your existing test hardware without further hardware investment. Once you have selected your test architecture, the next step is to select the best process model based on your desired UUT test behavior.
Parallel testing refers to the testing of the new application on a computer which has replaced the older version of the same application that was running on that particular computer. The reason why this testing is done is to ensure that the new version that has been installed is running correctly without any problems creating to the computer's hard disk or the processor. If there is any kind of problem found, the application will be terminated and you might have to uninstall it and reinstall it.
Comparing our Application build with other products existing in the market. Parallel Testing is also known as Comparative Testing / Competitive Testing. We will check the present version of the product with the older versions of the same product.
Parallel testing is testing where the user reconciles the output of the new system to the output of the current system
to verify the new system performs the operations correctly.
Testing a new or an alternate data processing system with the same source data that is used in another system. The other system is considered as the standard of comparison.


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