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Hi All,

- What is Mobile Testing?
- What is Mobile Application Testing?
- What type of Applications we can test using mobiles?
- What is the difference between Mobile Testing & Mobile Application Testing?

I want to upgrade my self with New Technology i.e. Mobile Testing. If you have any documents, pdf and ppts, please share me.

* I need more information about Mobile Application Testing?

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Hi Anil,

Look, you have a check list for testing web application similarly there are some standards and guideliens that nees to be followed when one develops an application for a mobile. First you will test whether the standards areadhered or not. Then you proceed with the application testing as you do for the web application.

Not all mobile applications will execute in all the mobiles.There is a limitation. If you want an application to be installed in iPhone and Blackberry, then it needs to be developed separately.

For iPhone, it follows apple standard and the softwares & configuration specified. For iPhone, developers use Objective C.

Similarly for Blackberry, it needs to be developed separately and it follows the standards and guidelines specified in the Blacberry site. Developers use JAVA.

So as a tester you need to know the standards of both iphone and blackberry.

For mobiles such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorolla, Sonyericcson - it has separate standards.

There is an organisation called Symbian Signed www.symbiansigned.org. This org has some standards and test case for mobile testing. There are some procedures that need to be followed in order to get their application signed by the Symbian.

Hope this information is useful. Please correct if I am wrong.
Mobile applications are usually very small compared to enterprise apps. However the challenge lies in certifying the application on multiple devices which support varied platform. Also there are certifications involved. Also if you are testing non english application the situation is much ore complicated.
Generally there are two types of applications one standalone, other involving server interaction. It is simpler to test standalone apps compare to the apps involving server interaction.

The mobile applications consume web services drastically. if non availability of the same may cause in crash (iphone) or exception (BB or Android etc) due to limited memory...
Yes, memory management is very important in mobile application.
Mobile Testing means the complete testing of mobile - System Level + Application level

Generally there are 3 catgories:

1. Mobile Protocol stack testing. (using network simulators) few examples are below:
* Stack supports 4 bands EGSM,PGSM,GSM-850,DCS.Mobile originating and mobile terminating call in all those bands.
*cell selection reselection
*cell bar
*All types of handover
*frequency hopping
*Coding schemes etc

2. Multimedia testing
* Midi polyphonic tones ringer and player
* MP3 as ringer and player &other supported formats
* Camera
* Video Conferencing etc

3. Feature testing
*Supplementary calls
*Fast dialing etc
After reading the above threads, I am also interested to work on Mobile testing.

Kiran: Are you working on Mobile application?

Thanks for all.

This type of testing is becoming more and more important, because of the different builds that the carriers will create on their own.

It does take more time to perform this level of testings, but to gain the most market coverage it is needed to http://mobileappstesting.contussupport.com/ because this site give to testing methodology  and automation tools method. 

Mobile app testing is one of the most important aspects of the application development lifecycle.However the task can be tough in validating the application on several gadgets which support different system.Memory management is the main thing to be considered in mobile app testing.

According to my knowledge testing mobile applications extends to the areas like handset application functionality, automated regression testing, certification, compatibility and usability. These are the major areas to be concentrated while testing any mobile applications.


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