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What is mean by Domain? and What are different domains in market? Can you pls explain the activities taken place in each domain?

What is mean by Domain? and What are different domains in market? Can you pls explain the activities taken place in each domain? If you have any documents or urls related to Domain knowledge pls share with me.


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Domain mens industires,In software feild domain name used fro perticlaur industries which software made

EX. suppose XYZ company build s/w for Insurance or healhcare or banking/finance so all 3  are known as domain in s/w terms

Domain---means type of industry.

We have so man domains like--> Banking, Healthcare..etc

Domain are normally 2 types in IT..

1. Business Domain - different sector (Banking, Health care, etc)

2. Technical Domain - java, .net, etc

Some more Domains are, Telecom, Real Estate or Properties (this is an emerging one), Also note that for testers, in additon to the Testing Methodologies, one should have good understanding of the domain.  To QUote an exmaple, you may be a very good tester, but if you do not understand how the Credit card is used for withdrawing money from a bank and how it is used in a shopping mall, then you will not be able to do good testing.  THe Testing that you can do based on the Domain knowledge can be called as Exploratory Testing.
Domain has one more meaning. Its whether web based or console based or web service or windows service or ???

Hi Suma,

Domain is nothing but the subject area in which you project belongs to. It may be banking, finance, sales, health, media, telecom, Insurance, Medical, Advertising, Travel, etc.

This is important for a tester because one should know what are the user requirements say in banking, working procedures, commerce background, exposure to brokerage etc and should test application accordingly, then only you can say that your testing is enough because then you have covered scenarios from user perspective.


BFSI stands for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. The term BFSI is used very commonly by IT/ITES/BPO Organizations which refers to the services provided by these companies in these domains. Banking includes core banking, retail, corporate and cards. Financial Services include stock-broking, Payment gateways, mutual funds etc. Insurance covers both life and non life.


Health care as know in American terms includes several sectors which are very much dedicated to provide services and products in order to improve individual health. This includes health care equipment and pharmaceuticals, services, biotechnology and life sciences. According to United Nations standards, the word health care refers to hospital activities, medical and dental services and other activities related to human health.


Utilities industry incorporates companies which offer services like Electric power, Steam supply, natural gas and sewage removal. Utilities sector is now mainly concentrating on a major change by anticipating a world with a much wider range of technologies and where the shape of the industry changes. Companies are seeking to extend their value chain both upward and downward to secure supply and end-markets. The traditional boundaries that define the utilities industry are becoming blurred as the interdependence of different energy sectors and between utility and technology companies are becoming more critical.


Goods which are bought and sold to the end users is termed as “Retail”. The scope of Retail in the current market situation is growing high as the organized retail sector has grown from 3% to 25-30% in India. Wal-Mart, Tesco, Germany's Metro AG and many others are the Global retail giants which are ready to enter the retail markets. The main reason for these companies to enter into the retailing business is the increasing demand of branded products and increase in purchasing power has lured these companies.


Buying and selling of goods services on the internet is termed as “E-Commerce”. Sometimes, the word “e-Business and e-Commerce” are often used interchangeably.

The main aspects of e-Commerce are:

Online retail selling (e-tailing) on websites with online catalogs
Usage of demographic data through web contacts
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), business to business exchange of data
Reaching customers through email, social networking and instant messaging
Buying and selling through business to business
Maintaining security of business transactions


Telecom (Telecommunication) is a term used for the process of exchange and transmission of messages electronically. Telecom sector is growing at a greater speed by doubling its growth every passing year. At present, there are many new developments happening, one of the most interesting development is the ingress to 3G technology. MTNL, BSNL, VSNL are the public players involved in the country along with the private players such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea , Tata, Reliance entering into foreign markets as well.

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