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Please let me know guys...

Hi Guys please reply

Native Apps

A native app is a Smartphone application that is made for specific platforms. These apps are developed to be sued on particular devices specifically for a particular mobile operating system. Native apps are native to the OS of the device and hence these are built on the guidelines given by that specific operating system.

Advantages of Native Apps

Native Apps use the native language of the platform where they will suppose to reside like Objective-C on iOS, and Java on Android. The main advantage of native applications is their better performance. These apps are easy to learn for users as User Interface is quite simple. These are faster and more reliable .In short, these apps provide better performances, highest security, and best user experience. Native apps support offline mode.

Example of Native App: Angry BirdsShazam,  Mobiloud,

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app is in fact a web app built using HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. These apps are wrapped in a native container .This container loads on demand information on the particular page when user navigates application. The main appeal of a hybrid app is versatility. These apps are built  once and release without knowing the operating system. These are useful and work fine across multiple platforms. One UI – nice and simple is enough to functioning, these hybrid apps on any device. Hybrid apps do not support an offline mode

Advantages of Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are installed on any device unlike native apps so it  take less time to market your product as any user can install or run these apps without any issues of compatibility. Other advantage is one code base is enough for all kinds of platforms .No need to make separate apps for android or ios devices.

Example of hybrid apps: FacebookTuneIn RadioLinkedIn.

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Yet I am not clear with this solution can anybody please elaborate...

Native apps are build for specific platform say if an app is in

Please explain in detail... give me some example.

Is there any other type of mobile app rather than hybrid and native app?


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