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What is Independent Testing? Can any one explain in detail with example

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Hi Pinky,

According to me there is no specific specification of independent testing, but according to my view there are companies who will do Independent Testing. That means the companies will do only testing

Please correct me if i am wrong

Hi Pinky!
our onorable member Gowtham has sent message on my page for reply on this question which i had replied to him on
his page.
I am producing here agan that reply for U.
If U have sill any question U are also welcome.

Hi Gowtham!
I am pleased to recieve your message.
Please refer answer on yr question as under:

Independent testing has two meanings:

1. In context to internal company testing:
No developers should test their testing. The company shall have separate Testing department which is not working or reporting to development department.It may be a separate entity or where QA exists it should report to QA.

2. In context to external to the company;
a) a testing carried out by third party, an external testing and inspection agency
b) a testing carried out by approved testing laboratories
c) a testing carried out by Government agencies
d) if company has national certification or international certification to their software products, the testing carried out by certifying agency or bytheir authorised approved agencies

I hope matter will be cleared to you.
Even if u have any question on this u r welcome.

_______ JAY ______


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